Eden’s Curse!

Hi Guys,

I know it’s been a while, this came out a couple of weeks ago and if you follow my official page on Facebook you probably have seen it, otherwise, here it goes the link to the official announcement: http://www.bravewords.com/news/222909

I am going to be playing with Eden’s Curse this year and we are also aiming for a new album next year, stay tuned!


Multinational melodic metal band Eden’s Curse return with original lead vocalist and frontman Michael Eden in an all new lineup. 

Michael Eden comments: “You can’t get more authentic than the original voice in any band. The positive energy in this new band is great. I searched worldwide and sifted through dozens of players to get it right. These guys are superb and the nicest guys I’ve ever dealt with. We will be letting the music do the talking.” 

Eden’s Curse will play a 60 minute set from the bands previous three albums (Eden’s Curse, The Second Coming, Trinity) at Rock N’ Skull 2014 (along with Danger Danger, Black N’ Blue, Babylon AD and dozens more). Rock N’ Skull takes place in Pekin, Illinois (minutes outside of Peoria, IL) and is a 3-day event that runs from November 14th through November 16th. Eden’s Curse will appear Saturday, November 15th. 
Michael Eden added: “I look forward to Rock N’ Skull playing songs that have not been done since the overseas shows a few years ago. Many of these songs have never been heard in America. The most important thing in this band is the people in it, and what we deliver to those who hold the band to such a high standard. This ain’t no tribute act or backing band, it’s as real as it gets.” 

Guitarist Eric Stadler said: “Michael is a consummate professional and founder of Eden’s Curse. The new Eden’s Curse will be a force to be reckoned with. The emulation of the bands past works shall be duplicated exactly with the occasional slight derivation on a solo (by yours truly) for improving mega shred infusion. Rock N’ Skull will be a collage of many great bands and seems like a kick ass place to show everyone what the new lineup can do. The new album will be a fantastic tapestry woven together by seven unique musical experts.” 

Guitarist Angelo Mazza commented: “Being a member of Eden’s Curse is a total honor. The musicians are incredibly talented. To be Rockin’ with Michael Eden is just incredible. He is the true voice of Eden’s Curse. The fans have waited long enough for the original voice to return, and now it’s happening. Having spoken with my band mates about Rock N’ Skull I must say we are psyched as all hell for this Festival, and a new album.” 

Guitarist Richard Kendrick remarked: “Nothing but good vibes…. So far, so good. Everybody seems very pro, except that singer guy, he’s a real dick. Ha! Ha! Michael has a terrific voice. The songs that have been decided on for Rock N’ Skull are all-killer/no-filler. We will surely have a blast! I haven’t seen some of these bands in a long time. I’m really looking forward to it. I’m anxious to see what these guys will bring to the table song-wise next year. We’re already discussing places to record.” 

Bassist Tim Polzin stated: “I am very much looking forward to being part of a great band with a bunch of great new Guys! And being with the original voice of Eden’s Curse is definitely a nail in the right place, so to speak. Looking forward to Rock N’ Skull very much.” 

Keyboard player Scott Berry said: “There is nothing greater than working with people that are all engaged and have the same goal! The singer is the sound that people recognize more than anything else. To be able to be part of the true Eden’s Curse is awesome! What else can I say except I am really looking forward to Rock N’ Skull and a new Eden’s Curse album!!” 

Drummer Marco Bicca added: “I feel honored to join a band that I have followed since their first CD release. I’m excited to play with such amazing players. The voice is something that makes a band unique and I think it’s awesome to play with the guy that started everything. He is the face of Eden’s Curse. I can’t wait to play Rock N’ Skull! We are also talking about a new album next year so prepare yourself to be cursed really soon.” 

Eden’s Curse will begin work on a new studio release in 2015. As yet an unnamed producer will sonically maximize the bands creative works. 

Eden’s Curse Is: 

Michael Eden – Vocals 
Eric Stadler – Lead Guitar 
Angelo Mazza – Guitar (Farcry) 
Richard Kendrick – Guitar (Lillian Axe, Liberty & Justice, Near Life Experience) 
Timothy Polzin – Bass (Yngwie Malmsteen, Vinnie Moore, Gino Vannelli) 
Scott Berry – Keyboards (Systematic Chaos) 
Marco Bicca – Drums (Lonero, The Element, Sigma Project)