Welcome 2015!


A lot of things have already happened in 2015, NAMM is always a huge part of it and it is always so good to catch up with some dear friends, companies that I work with (Pearl Drums, Axis Percussion, Sabian Cymbals, Regaltip, Remo, Roland) and many others as well as meeting new people and new ideas, products and what’s awesome in the music business!

We also have finally unveiled a new band that I am very glad to be part of called Shaylon and we shall soon be releasing an album and playing live! Stay tuned! Watch our very first video that quickly introduces our band:

Introducing to the world, Shaylon!

So, go like our page at http://www.facebook.com/shaylonband to get the latest in our “land”

Now, let’s go to work and finish recording the long waited LoNero album “The Defiant Machine“, the Sigma Project album “Reality Field” which will also have the participation of the awesome Michał Mierzejewski as well as new songs for the also new The Element album “From the sand Part II” and lastly the Shaylon album as well, yes, I do have a lot of stuff to do huh? :)

There is also some other cool projects that will deal with recording, videos but I’ll get to those later once they are close to finish! Wait and you will see! There’s always news around!

This is just a quick update, I hope to see you all when I’m on tour and again, thanks for the great support!